Diggin’ In


What do you get when you combine a closet tech geek and a love for teaching? You get a technical, yet down to earth series called Diggin In’. I’ve always been the type of person who loved to teach just as much as I loved to learn. What I found along the way is that the hardest part about learning was trying to find the factual information amongst hundreds and hundreds of forum posts and articles. How are you supposed to know what’s the right answer and what are just opinions? This is why I decided to create Diggin’ In…

It’s a series of technical information that I do my best to bring down to a level that everyone can understand and learn from.  You can pick up books all day long and do your best to decipher the technical explanations and equations, but sometimes these explanations can be very difficult to comprehend and apply to our hobby. That’s where I come in…My goal is to apply all of this info in a way that it can be directly related to RC helicopters and not just teach you but give you more confidence in your setups and builds.

So how could it get any better? Simple…bring on board an MIT graduate and real-life rocket scientist. It was very evident after the first couple episodes that I needed more ammo in my arsenal and that’s where aerospace engineer Justin Pucci comes in…He brings that educated and polished edge to the technical side of the show. A true chasm of knowledge unlike anyone I’ve known. Justin and I have been bouncing ideas and theories off of each other since the day we met. The combination of his extensive education and knowledge and my hands-on experience and down-to-earth approach is what will take this series to the next level. 

So sit back, put your thinking caps on, and lets see if we can help you bring that same arsenal of information to your field.

– Nick