Name: Dan Reed
Home Town: Corvallis, MT
Home Field: Bitterroot Barnstormers
Years in the Hobby: 4
Sponsors: Cool Power

Helis/Equipment: JR Vibe 50, T-Rex 700×2, T-Rex 600×2, MD500 scale fuse with T-Rex 600 mechanics, Raptor 30, JR Ergo 30, Kyosho Concept 30

About Dan: I got my start in RC about 15 years ago with cars and trucks. I raced them locally and did a LOT of backyard bashing with some friends of mine. To this day, I still have a few of those around…the Tmaxx, Savage, TC3, etc.

Eventually, I gave planes a try and enjoyed that for a while, but grew bored of them. At that time, I wanted to give helicopters a try, but the timing was just not right.  Fast forward to 2009…the time was right and I took the plunge. I love this hobby, I love talking about it, and I love reading and listening about it.

Currently, I am in the process of switching over to Futaba with the recent addition of an 8FG. My FBL controller choice is BeastX. Almost every heli in my fleet is FBL except for the Rappy 30, which I keep that around for buddy boxing anyone that would like to try to fly RC helis.

I am fortunate to be flying for Morgan Fuels on their B Team.  I’m basically a field rep for them and I do love that CoolPower.  Nitro is my thing…I know you’re seeing a lot more electric helis out there, but I am just not into them. I’m all about the smoke and sound of nitro!

I really enjoy working on RCHN and take great pride in what we do here. I really think that we offer the complete package: lots of humor and information all in one. You’re going learn something and you’re going to laugh while learning it. I have also enjoyed working with some great guys on the show…it’s been a LOT of fun and I look forward to many, many more episodes of RCHN!!!