Name: Jessie Salmonson
Home Town: Bellingham, WA
Home Field: Lynden Flying Club
Years in the Hobby: 5.5
Sponsors: Mikado V Team

Fleet and Equipment: MSH Protos Max V2, Synergy N7, Scorpion Motors, YS Engines, Hobbywing ESC, Vcontrol, Mikado Vbar, Batteries:whatever is on sale, Icharger,

About Jessie: I have been involved in this hobby for nearly 6 years now and have loved every minute. When I started, I had an Align T-Rex 250 and no idea what I was doing. Through the years, I have owned almost every size heli and have flown both nitro and electric. My current fleet consists of a MSH Protos Max V2 and a Synergy N7.   I would definitely consider myself an electric guy, but there’s nothing like a nitro.  Nitro has soul!

Currently I live near Bellingham, WA with my amazing wife.  One year ago I graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Currently I am working at an oil refinery as a piping and welding engineer.  With a love for engineering, creating and tinkering this really is the perfect hobby for me.  No matter how long I am in this hobby I am consistently learning and being challenged by the constant forward thinking this industry provides.

Currently in the hobby I am fling for the Mikado V team.  Recently I reduced my number of sponsors as I really needed to just branch out and get back to having some fun!   I consider myself a very active member of this hobby, so please don’t hesitate to message or email me with any question, as I love to help. You can reach me at “salmonson63” on all the forums or you can shoot me an email at . If you are local or ever in the area, definitely get in touch with me…I love flying with new people, as we all have something we can learn.