Jan 16, 2017

RCHN V 2.0 EP261: All good things come to an end

Join the gang this week as they sit behind the mic one last time…yes you read that correct, the last time.  Over the last several years it has been quite the journey.  There have been several hosts and listeners that have had such a huge impact on the show that we couldn’t possibly name them all.  Now you may be thinking that this a bad , but remember change isn’t always bad.  Not a single one of us is going to be leaving the hobby we are just looking forward to being an average, everyday citizen.  As you listen to this week’s show we ask that you would go on this journey with us.  We reflect back all the way to the beginning, remembering those times that had the largest effect on us.  We want to thank every single listener for downloading the show and ultimately being apart of something so much larger…The Nation.  For the final time we thank you for listening, we thank you for supporting us and we thank you for taking this journey with us.