1st Annual RCHN Fun Fly

The 1st Annual RCHN Fun Fly: June 14-16, 2013

We had such a blast putting on our first ever RCHN fun fly! We got to meet up with new and old friends, listeners, and many spectators. With 42 registered pilots, we felt good about the turn out for our first event.

The Saturday competitions drew a very large crowd out to the flight line to compete and watch. Everyone joined in the fun for the bottle knock, 60-second hover, and the autorotation contest. The Saturday noon-time demo hour was a great opportunity to allow our premier sponsor, RC Aerodyne to showcase some of their products and team pilots.

On Friday and Saturday nights, we did night flying under two large construction lights and had a blast…and, of course, the live show on Saturday evening was a ton of fun and had a lot of audience engagement!

In addition to all the support from our premier sponsor, RC Aerodyne, we also want to thank our other supporters who donated various products and gift certificates for contest prizes, raffles, and giveaways. Everyone who registered got at least one thing!

Thanks to Skookum Electronics, Soko Heli Tools, HeliProz, Blackburner, Lower Heli, ProgressiveRC, KDE Direct, Morgan Fuels, Scorpion Power Systems, Spin Blades, Cyclone Blades, Gens Ace Batteries, Bavarian Demon Flybarless Systems, and Random Heli.

Be sure to check out the trailer video and photo gallery below to see what it was all about!

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