Jan 15, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!….and patient

Not Now, I'm Busy
Not Now, I’m Busy

I remember back when I would have a build done in a day, but now it actually takes some time.  I definitely take more time to do things right now, but then I’m also not making the time consuming mistakes I did when I first started.  One common mistake I would make is putting part of the heli together, but then I couldn’t access what I needed to, so I’d have to go back a few steps.  Aside from that, I also spent a significant amount of time rubbing the carpet (literally guys, get your minds out of the gutter) to try and find screws, bolts and washers that I dropped.  Nowadays I know to build the heli with one side of the frame and plan ahead with regards to what I will have to access.  The building experience has certainly taught me to make better use of my time when I’m building.  I’m also more thorough now too, sanding down the frames and getting all of the oil off of the screws before applying the treadlock.

One thing that is very different now from when I first started is the time I have to dedicate to a build.  I used to get away with sitting for 8 hours strait and just working on my heli, but now, with the kids, it’s a bit harder to get away with that.  Thus, I am left with learning to be patient and instead work on the heli a little at a time, when the rest of the family has gone to bed.  At first it’s hard to leave a heli on the bench only partially build, jumping into it and out of it.  That’s one thing I’ve realized about this hobby, it really teaches you to be patient.  You have to be patient and practice to get better, and if you crash you have to be patient and wait for the parts to arrive, if the weather is bad you have to be patient and fly another time, and now I’m finding more patience in the build process.

The patience has paid off though.  I have much fewer mechanical issues nowadays, and I’m really enjoying the build time on the bench, so I don’t rush the process.  I think it’s actually paid off in other aspects of life too.  When it comes to requiring patience for other things, I find I’m much better at it.  Of course, that could be partly from hanging out with a 2 year old most of this year, watching Dora and picking my battles.  Kids are sure fun though, and she just loves daddy’s “ercopters.”  She kisses them and is really careful with them.  I’ve tried to get her to try the sim, but that’s just not happening yet, I don’t know if I have that much patience just yet. 😉

Though I’m busy, I’m very happy with my situation.  The kids and work take a lot, but I’m happy to have a hobby like this to get in my time.  When I’m working on a heli, flying a heli, chatting with the awesome people on the RCHN Site or forum, or even just on the sim, I’m enjoying myself.  It’s something to look forward to between all of the busy times.  One thing is for sure, I can’t wait for the funfly season to start so I can get together with some cool guys, fly some helis, and talk shop.

Until next time guys and gals, happy landings!