Sep 16, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP103: All Positive, All the Time!

The new moto… All positive all the time! Try it out it seems to work, at least it did this week. Join the guys as they ramble on about some up coming projects they thinking about for the coming winter months. Some news and a few other topics, it is worth mention you will need to tune in, to find out who gets the “no fly” tag this week. Got something you want to say to us… We always welcome your input be sure to send us an email or message on our Facebook page!!!

Show Notes

Castle Creations Edge HVf 160

Kontronik Pyro 750 Motor

iCharger 4010 Duo software V2.06

Synergy N5c TT Edition

Gens Ace DJI Phantom batteries

Spartan VX1n FBL System

Scorpion HKIII-50 Series

Dunkan Bossin joins team Gaui