Oct 7, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP106: Time to Empty Out the Email Inbox

Time to dig into the mailbag! Join the guys this week as they go over a bunch of email questions. We cover all kinds of stuff. Servos, ESCs, Batteries, BECs man the list just goes on and on. Seems theses days everyone you know, is somehow getting a rep deal. We spend a little time on this issue. Tune in to find out what the guys have to say about what they think it means to be a rep. Two spontaneous contest are announced in this episode as well!

Show Notes

Real Flight 7

New Scorpion HK 2520 Versions

JR XBus Software Update

700 EX Shipping Date

Heliskin Scale Parts

TT E360

DX9 Walkthrough Video