Dec 9, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP115: CWB Unite!!!

Brrrrrr… Its cold ‘round these parts, and you might be asking what is a CWB? Tune in this week to find out, and listen in as the guys talk shit about all the WWD’s at OHB. Nick is a little under the weather so we are giving him the week off, but look for his return as soon as he feels better! Flying in the cold, it just plain sucks but those of us here in North have to deal with it. How do you stay warm, how do you prepare your helis to handle the sometimes sub zero temps? Tune in this week to find out what they guys are doing during this crazy cold weather!

Show Notes

Colin Bell Align 150 video

ALeeS and RH

Goblin 770 Competition Leaks

Chris M. TT E700 Review

ALeeS Nitro

RCHA Charity Raffle