Feb 10, 2014

RCHN V 2.0 EP123: The Need… For Speed!

So you think you want a little taste of Speed, Speed Helis of course! Ben Varley stops by this week to drop some speed heli knowledge on the guys. Justin tells us a bit about his upcoming Goblin Speed review, and the usual what’s new this week and some news. Are you a Citizen? Well as it turns out, your response that question shut our sever down, not to worry though Larry K, jumped into action and got us up and going quickly. Thanks Larry you ROCK! Remember to mark your calendars for the 2nd annual RCHN funfly!

Show Notes

Gronimod Goblin Speed

Pheonix 5 Simulator

RC Match.com

Scorpion 4535-450kv & 500kv

Zone Format 2014 Pilot Entry

XFC Maneuvers Released