Mar 3, 2014

RCHN V 2.0 EP126: Its Cashwell Time

This week we get a chance to talk with Kyle Cashwell, the owner of a new online RC Helicopter shop, Tune in to find out some of the backstory of this new shop and get to know Kyle and his ideas on what an online shop should be. Also did Nick drop Futaba for another brand? How is the flight competition between the guys going? You are gonna have to tune in to find all that out. We would like to take a moment to thank some new sponsors, Blade Helicopter, BK servos, Soko Heli Tools, and Rotoary Wing RC, and of course thanks to Gens Ace Progressive RC and KDE direct for sticking with us for another year!

Show Notes

Pheonix 5.0.g

DX9 Firmware update

Stingray Firmware

Stingray “Rain” kit