Aug 14, 2014

RCHN V 2.0 EP149: IRCHA 2014

Here it is, Our full IRCHA show. Lots of folks behind the mic on this one to name a few: Bobby Watts, Georges van Gansen, Bert Kammerer, Kyle Stacy, Ray Stacy, Mitch Marozas, James and Kelly Allen, Mason Dumanski and his Dad! Wow the list just keeps going. We had a great time at IRCHA and we plan on doing it all again next year. We want to thank Progressive RC, RCFLI, Scorpion Power Systems, George Radford, and Taylor Glantz for helping this trip become a reality. You guys ROCK! Last but certainly not least, our listeners for showing up in force to let us know your there, without your support RCHN would not be what it is today!

Show Notes