Dec 26, 2011

RCHN V 2.0 EP15: Bert Kammerer is OUTRAGE(ous)

Yup He is…. Bert Kammerer, Pinion and Sean Sullivan all in one show??? OMG sensory overload We have all kinds of stuff to talk about here.. almost 2 hours worth. Orlando Heli Blowout, Outrage, SAB, Pinions latest Videos. Sean tells us about his RC Heli fun on the set of “A Dolphin’s Tale”. Rob and Dan make some predictions about what 2012 will bring us.. and last but not least… we announce the winner of the Chaos 450 pro kit!!! A lot of show here guys.

Show Notes

Bert Kammerer

Pinion on Helifreak

A Dophin’s Tale



RC Areodyne

RCHA Video by Dan Taylor