Nov 24, 2014

RCHN V 2.0 EP163: OHB

Some Adult language in this one

Bert Kammerer and Carey Shurley join the gang this week. You might have guessed it we talk about the upcoming OHB! Fun in the sun, oh yeah the RCHN crew will be there doing what we do! We are also coming up on one of Justin’s favorite holidays, BLACK FRIDAY! We got some news and some good old-fashioned RC Heli Goodness in this episode. Jessie will be back next week, even if we have to lock him in his apartment.

Show Notes

New Align website

Zeal Energy Series

Sebastia Serra Montes Chronos flight

Goblin 380 pre-order

Align 600L Dominator

Auction at OHB: Hello Nick, This is John Cook I have some info on OHB canopy and boom auction. Bert and Suzi were generous to throw in a set of BKSERVOS to be auctioned off. The auction will be on behalf of Myself and Bkservo and all proceeds will be donated to Ronald McDonald fund. Will be an bidding auction and winner takes home a Custom Goblin500 canopy and boom set along with a set of BKservos. We will be doing auction approximately 5:00 pm during or right after raffle! Thank you for your time and help spreading word. Let me know if this is enough info for you.