Feb 28, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP222: A Glossary of Terms

For those of you have have been with us for a few years you know that each and every year we try to take it to another level and give back to the listeners as much as we can.  Well in 2016 we want to keep that tradition going.  At one point in time we were all new to this amazing hobby and there are so many words or acronyms that we would hear but have no idea what they meant, and this is where RCHN comes in.  We want to create a giant glossary of terms that will incorporate everything from maneuvers to the acronyms used on the show.  This is going to be a huge undertaking and we are looking to get as many people involved as we can. As we get started be on the lookout for a post on the RCHN website and Helifreak.  Here’s to 2016!


Show Notes

Worlds Smallest Nitro heli

Futaba/Castle Telemetry Link

Jeti REX receivers will be working soon with Spartan FBL system integration

Jeti DS-14 Heli Carbon Diablo Limited Edition

JR Colt 6 Retro

JR NEX6-550 discontinued