Feb 27, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP24: Electrical Burns and Subway Sandwiches!!

Wow episode 24, Rusty Haggard and Pinion join Dan, Rob and Jake for some electrifying discussion about Subway Sandwiches!?! Listen in as we find out about Pinions new sponsor and we get a chance to meet Rusty Haggard that unfortunate individual that has the “good fortune” of flying with the dirty little dog. We also talk about sims, LiFE and LiPO battery packs, To BEC or not to BEC? That is the question.

Show Notes

Video of Heli Harry Flying edited by Dan Taylor

T Jin Tech build your own power supply

Nitro Hovering in the Livingroom Sequel

CRModels Chaos 450 Pro Review

CRModels Blade mSR X Review

Spartan’s FBL unit the “Vortex” Unveiled

Jake’s Progressive RC “Hardline Solution” Review