Sep 5, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP247: YS96 SRX Motor Review

It’s review time!  Listen in this week as Jessie shares his thoughts on the YS96 SRX Tareq Edition motor he has been doing a review on.  After a summer worth of flying and tuning he is ready to answer the question everyone has been asking…does it make more power?  In addition all the guys had a heli filled week and a couple of them seemed to have reached a turning point within the hobby.  As we enter Sepember remember you guys still have one more week to pre-register for RCHN 4 on RC Flight Deck to be entered in to an exclusive raffle.  Enjoy!




Perfect Regulators Discharger

New Jeti Telemetry Servos

Jeti USA Batteries

Blade 200S

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