Mar 4, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP25: Do you like ’em Short and Fat or Tall and Skinny?

Your sticks that is. Join Dan and RC Dbutz while Jake unboxes his brand new SAB goblin. Yeah… I know its like a going to a buffet without getting to eat… We continue our Radio discussion this week, by discussing stick tension and length. Also We here at the Nation would like to apologize to both you the listener and to Heli Harry and Richie Clark. We had some technical difficulties that made the awesome interview we had with them unusable. Look for a reschedule soon. Also we would like to thank Courtney P. for letting us use a selection of her music in this episode.

Show Notes

The Nation UnBoxes the SAB Goblin 700

Heli Harry flying the 450X

Richie Clark 450X unboxing to 3D

Quad Down…Quad Down

Jake’s UnBoxing Video

Dicey’s New Podcasst Beyond the Flightline