Nov 1, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP58: Can You See What I See?

The light is bad, the sky is too dark, we have all said it one time or another. Have you ever wonder how those guys fly without canopies? Do you put multicolored decals all over your heli to help you see things in the air? Join Dan, Nick, Justin and Jessie this week as we talk about Heli visibility. We take a few minutes to address a few Emails we received this past week.

Show Notes

iKon FBL system

Futaba T14SG

TheDaveyht3 Youtube page

Savox BSM motors

Gaui Nx4 unboxing

MKS X8 Series Servos

Outrage N2 Tail System

Align CNC Slant Cut Gears