Nov 12, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP59: David Ketelhut Joins the Nation!

David Ketelhut joins the Nation!! Since we missed last week we thought we would make up for it by making an exceptionally long Episode this week. Jessie and Dan get a chance to hang out with David Ketelhut from Nankin Hobby, as most of you know Nankin is the distributor for Compass as well. Ever wonder what a dissertation given by a rocket scientist sounds like? Tune in to find out, Justin tells us all about his recent HC3-SX review. Time to grab a cold one and sit back and relax watch the snow fly and get your fill of heli goodness!!!

Show Notes

ProgressiveRC Powerlab Cases

Align Delrin Main Gear

HeliMax 1sQ

Realflight Goblin & V90

Hacker A50

CC Talon90

Goblin HPS Head intro video

KDE 700/800e one way bearing

Jaime Robertson