Nov 26, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP61: Winter Maintenance and Oz Checks In

Now is the time for all good heli pilots to come to the aid of their heli… maintenance.   Join Dan, Nick, Justin and Jessie this week as they cover many different topics dealing with all those things you just don’t ever feel like doing when the sun is shinning and it is nice and toasty warm out there.  We go over some battery theory, and storing our precious generators, Man we ever talk about van de graaff generators.  Also Bert from down under, reports from an F3C event in Australia.

Show Notes

Grauppner WP Pulse 500

New Align TT Gears

DJI Phantom

Turnigy Fatboy8 1300w

Goblin on Pheonix

KDE Tail Boom Brace mounts