Dec 3, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP62: Wherefore art thou… decent flying field?

Sometimes they are right across the street other times on the other side of the state!!! Join Dan, Nick, Justin and Jessie this week as they discuss some common considerations when your thinking its time to find out what size heli you should get next. Park flying Vs. AMA clubs, baseball diamonds or soccer fields. Do you consider where your flying skill will be 6 months or a year from today, when you decide on the heli to get?

Show Notes

JR XG Series Firmware Update

Jamie 3GX Video

Hatori Gas Muffler

Zone Format dates

Goblin KDE Upgrade kit

Pinion loses his family jewels

Jamie w/Align 

700n vs. 700nDFC video

3D Masters dates

MKS Limited Edition Servo Pack

Skookum GPS Release