Dec 17, 2012

RCHN V 2.0 EP64: Tune That Virtual Bad Boy!!!

The last in a series of three discussions about going from the basics to advanced and things to consider along the way. Let us start off by apologizing to Pinion. We had him on this week’s episodes but technical difficulties kept us from using his audio, sorry pinion. This week we focus on sims, did you ever wonder how to tune your Heli in a sim? Or maybe how do you get the most out of your sim time. This episode will be right up your alley. We also spend a little time talking about transferring those hot sim skills to the field. We end this episode giving you tip about focusing your training and using aids to help you progress steadily. Newtown CT, our thoughts are with you><

Show Notes

RealFlight Beta 6.5.013

Logo 700 Unboxing

Align 3GX 3.0 Settings Szabo Jr

Mr. Mel YGE Video

Another CGY 750 Update

Kontronik Pyro 800/850 Recall