Nov 2, 2011

RCHN V 2.0 EP7: Wall of Mike Fortin’s Ritual

Mike Fortin AND Pinion in one show, yup that just happened.   Join Dan, Rob and Callum as Mike Fortin explains his preparation process it might make you a little….. queasy!!  Pinion drops by to help us give Mike a hard time.  This is a good interview.  You guys will learn more about Mike Fortin than you thought you ever would.  We FINALLY reveal the winner of the Mavrikk Blades, tune in to see if he can answer a bonus question to win a Free RC Heli Nation T-shirt.  we also discuss a listeners email.  Hope you enjoy this one.. remember to head over to our Facebook page and click that like button. 

Show Notes

Mike Fortin’s Web page

Pinion’s FB Page

Parrot AR. Drone

Contest Phrase video

RCHA and Dan Taylor

Geometry Wars