Mar 18, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP77: The Greased BB Method of Progression

What does a greased BB have to do with progression, Well you are just gonna have to tune in this week to find out!!! This Week we took a very informal poll of some of our listeners on both Facebook and our forum to find out what maneuvers a sport flier should really consider mastering, that will allow them to step into beginning 3D. Also we talk about plateaus and what we do get past them. Remember to mark your calendar for this coming June 14th thru the 16th, don’t want to miss the RCHN funfly this year!!!

Show Notes

Kosmik Firmware 3.2

New Align Blades

New Gaui Heli

Fusuno MCPX Canopies

Logo 550SX