Apr 1, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP79: April Fools!!!

April Fools!!!! We aren’t going anywhere! Cant get rid of us that easily. Join the guys this week as we read a few listener emails and we get a chance to reminisce about some of our favorite and least favorite helis we have owned in the past, and why. Also we talk about “feel” when it comes to tuning your FBL unit. Sometimes there is a disconnect between talking about the black and white of tuning, we dig in a little deeper this week and we decided momentum is a good word!

Show Notes

HeliXHeli G700 Gas conversion video

Spartan VX1 1.2 Firmware update

Spedix Logo Upgrades

Blade 550x build video

Goblin 500 Hanger

Random Heli

David Nolan to Team Skookum

Rapicon batteries

New Miniature Aircraft website

Goblin Booyas

 10,000 cycles on skid clamps