May 27, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP87: Its All in Your Head.

Don’t let the mental game get the best of you; join the guys this week as they discuss the mental aspect of the hobby. From dealing with funfly jitters, learning plateaus to setting up your brand new heli for the first time. Also, they guys spend some time on generators, clean vs. dirty power and what will work for you. Remember to make your plans for the first annual RC Heli Nation funfly in Deer Park Washington this June 14th – 16th !!!

Show Notes

Scorpion Tools

XFC last chance qualifier

KDE SAB Goblin battery tray

KDS Agile 7.2 Unveiling

JR SPG01 Tail Servo

Lynx 550x Bling

Nick Maxwell one tank tip – Horizontal funnels

Soko Heli Tools New Setup Guide

BeastX Blades