Jul 22, 2013

RCHN V 2.0 EP95: This Aint Your Momma’s Blade

No, we aren’t talking MCPX or 130 X here. We are talking about 700X pro series. Steve Petrotto the Branding Guru at Blade joins the guys this week to fill us in on what new with Blade. Are you new to the funfly scene, and going to your first funfly soon? Tune in to find out what the guys have to say about what to bring, other than your helis. Congratulations to Nick Rollins, he is our 2000th Like on Facebook!!!

Show Notes

Lynx CF Skid upgrades

Kontronik Updates

Futaba 18MZ update

Chaos 450 Black Widow DFC Kit

Trex 450L

Halo Blades

BK Servo

Helix Blades

Scorpion Nick Maxwell Edition