Jul 26, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP241: Live at Snohomish

Join the gang this week as they are live at the Snohomish Fun Fly.  As always there is plenty of laughing, tons of interviews and of course a little bit about helis in there somewhere.  This was a fantastic event with great weather, friends and flying!  The guys have the opportunity to get Todd Bennett behind… more »

Jul 18, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP240: Fun Fly Goals

As the gang prepares for Snohomish next week they decide to spend this week focusing on their fun fly goals.  At the end of each event we all have things we wish we accomplished and make goals on what we are going to change for the next fun fly.  This show the guys reflect on the… more »

Jul 11, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP239:Nitros and Micros

This week the guys decide to do a double whammy and cover two topics!  Half of the show is spent talking about the new generation of nitro motors that seem to be pushing these motor designs right to the limit.  The guys walk through the pros and cons of the new generation motors and tie… more »

Jul 4, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP238: Heli Building Tips and Tricks

The whole gang is here this week and I think a couple of them even got in some flying!  This week the guys talk walk through their own personal tips and tricks when building a heli.  They provide insight on building each assembly such as the frame, head and tail.  This episode is dense with… more »

Jun 29, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP237: The Multi-Pedi show?

Ok it’s not what you think. Someone might have been looking into a multirotor and someone might have got a pedicure. Join the guys his week and they talk about the recent developments with the FAA and go over the events of the week. Dan had a blast at Deaters Funfly and you might have… more »

Jun 20, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP236: Telemetry…Only for Nerds?

Over the last couple years telemetry has grown in popularity but the question remains, is it only for nerds?  Join the entire gang this week as they discuss the various systems that are available and the many uses of telemetry and logging.  For those of you that are thinking, telemetry isn’t for me I don’t care about… more »

Jun 6, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP235: The Long Winded Quartet

Larger blades at a slower speed or smaller blades at a higher speed?  Join the guys this week as they discuss the effect of tail blade sizes and who might benefit from increasing their tail blade length.  In addition it sounds like everyone had a good week with plenty of flying to go around.  Enjoy… more »

May 30, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP234: Tools of Progression

It’s game show time!  This week Dan, Nick and Jessie challenge a listener to a 10 questions battle.  Listen in to hear who the listener chooses and of course who takes home the gold.  In  addition the guys discuss progressing and the tools that are available to help aid in that progression.  They talk about… more »

May 23, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP233: 2016 Othello Funfly

The guys are back from Othello!  Join the whole gang this week as they discuss their experiences at the 2016 Othello Funfly.  Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest the crew still had an awesome time.  Throughout the course of the weekend one of the guys maidened a heli while another one crashed.  Can you… more »

May 9, 2016

RCHN V 2.0 EP232: Nerd Power

Dan and Jessie are out this week so join Nick and Justin getting their nerd on with some great listener questions. Did someone say fire? Where’s that darn helicopter at? Enjoy!