Jul 15, 2014

Diggin’ in Episode 4: Troubleshooting 101

Troubleshooting… it’ll get you every time. In this Episode of Diggin’ In, Nick and Justin simply do what they do best. You guessed it! Troubleshooting! This is your chance to learn some of the techniques these guys use regularly…not only in our hobby, but in their professional lives as well. Nick is a Lead Diagnostic… more »

Jan 15, 2013

Episode #3: Electric Motors, Esc’s, and Electric Gov’s

Join Nick and his new co-host Justin Pucci as they break down electric motors, ESC’s, and electric governors.  This one is a little different than the last ones and they put a very unique spin on how to help you understand how these complex components function and work together.  PWM, motor timing, governor gain, governor… more »

Nov 5, 2012

Episode #2: Nitro Governors

Join Nick as he digs into the whys and hows of nitro governors.  From the basics of setup to the more advanced parameters of how to tune your governor for the most performance.  He talks about the difference between a regular governor and a rev limiter and the pros and cons to each.  If your… more »

Nov 4, 2012

Episode #1: Mechanical Gains and Servo Geometry

Join Nick as he talks about the importance of proper mechanical setup, specifically servo geometry and its relation to today’s fbl systems. Ever wondered why you’re supposed to put that servo ball in that specific hole on the servo arm?  How do you know which one to chose? We’ll cover all that in this episode…. more »