Jan 10, 2013

Save those tail gears!


Here’s a great little trick that our friend Leon Luke and myself happen to use on our Trex helis.  Despite what all the naming conventions happen to be there’s basically two heights of the more modern Trex 600 EFL Pro and Trex 700 series skids.  What you can do is install a standard Trex 700N or E skid in the rear and install either the 600EFL or 700E F3C skid in the front.  This significantly raises the tail fin up off the ground.  If you don’t fly off concrete or a perfectly manicured grass strip then this can be very beneficial in keeping your tail blades away from danger and saving on those TT drive gears.  Even if you don’t care for the look it’s a great idea when your just learning autos or perhaps taking that next step into acrobatic autos.  Thanks Leon for the picture and tip! – Nick