Dec 22, 2012

SK-LCD Field Terminal Connector Mod

Anyone who has used the SK-LCD Field Terminal knows that it’s a very powerful little programmer and has now replaced my laptop a the field. One thing I found that I didn’t care for though was the connector. The connector is a very tight fit into the SK-540 and there’s simply nothing to grab to pull it out except the wires. As you can imagine, over time this is going to be very hard on the wiring, so I decided to do a little mod to mine.

First I started by cutting and inserting a thin, 1″ long carbon fiber rod in the center of all the wires and pushed it all the way up against the back of the connector. I then proceeded to use hot glue around the back of the connector and down the wires all around that carbon fiber rod like shown in the picture below.

From there, slide a piece of heat-shrink over the whole thing making sure just barely allow the end of it to wrap over the back end of the connector. If you get it too far over the connector it won’t allow you to plug it all the way into the FBL unit. What you’ll find now is this assembly is far easier to insert into the SK-540, as you can just firmly grab the heat-shrink and push the connector in. The same thing applies when pulling the connector out. It even allows you to insert the connector when the FBL unit is tucked away within the frames of your heli like shown here in the picture of my Fusion.