Nov 12, 2012

And So It Begins!


Two and a half years ago I never would have thought that by getting into RC Helis it would lead me to where I am now. The journey has been a memorable one, and the current destination has been even better. Starting with a Trex 250, a ton of ambition, and the hope of one day being able to “throw it down” was where it started for me. The passion that I have for this hobby does not go unmatched. This RCHN Team has had a major impact on this hobby for me, and I couldn’t have found a better group of guys to embark on this journey with. The passion that this team has for the hobby simply amazes me.

By this time I am sure that most of you have figured out that Dan really is the driving force behind this podcast. His enthusiasm for the hobby and his musical experience meets with perfect harmony to create this production. The vision that he has for this podcast is coming to life and i’m excited to have the opportunity to be apart of that vision. Dan spends numerous hours every week working on this podcast in one form or another.  He has an incredible amount of passion for the hobby and RCHN.

When talking about my journey in this hobby it would be impossible not to mention Nick. He has been a mentor to me in this hobby but more than that he has become one of the best friends I have. Whenever we get the chance to fly together it is a guaranteed good time. Nick’s hands on experience and real world application is unmatched by any one else that I know. He is extremely focused and knows exactly what he wants, this is what makes him an extremely valuable asset to the RCHN team.  

Every good team needs a Rocket Scientists, this is where Justin comes in. He gives the podcast that edge as he truly is an endless source of knowledge. He looks at the hobby in a way that no one else on the RCHN team can, which makes Justin a necessity of this team.

What truly makes this team amazing and work so well it the fact that we all bring something different to the table. It is these differences that will truly benefit all of the listeners. You can trust that you will be able to relate with at least one person on the show. Here at the nation we are all extremely excited to see what the future holds. I hope that everyone enjoys the new website and that it can help us better connect with all of our listeners out there, because when it comes down to it were just everyday hobbyists like you.

– Jessie