Sep 19, 2013

The Break is Over!


The break is finally over!  It feels great to be going back out to the field again on a weekly basis.  As most of you know right after the snohomish fun fly I took a couple weeks off as I was adjusting to heading back to school and was about to go on vacation to Vegas.  Well now that I am in my regular routine at school and back home from Vegas let the flying begin.

On average I have been getting in 20-30 flights per weeks and have been enjoying every single one.  As you guys heard a couple episodes back Nick and I were going to try a little different setup on our helis then usual.  On my 7HV I changed my setup to have a lot less head speed and quite a bit more pitch.  As for the head speed I went from 2150 down to 2000 and on the pitch I went from 12 to 14 degrees. So far I have about 30 flights on the 7hv and all I can say it WOW!  I definitely won’t be changing back any time soon.  The benefits are huge while there is virtually no negatives.  I increased my flight time by nearly a whole minute which means more time per flight to work ones maneuvers. Now the head and tail did take a little bit of tuning but once I got them dialed in the entire heli feels very locked.

Another new thing that I am really excited about is the opportunity to compare the stock DFC compass 7HV head to the new head which has swash drivers and is a traditional FBL head.   So far I have about 5 flights on the new head which is a little too early to make any definitive statements but so far so good.

Lastly, I have decided to join the protek servo team.  I have been flying their servos in a couple of my helis and have been nothing but impressed with the overall performance of these servos.  For me I only support companies that put out a good product and protek is no exception. It is very easy to stand behind

and support a company when they produce such a quality product and stand behind what they sell.   So if you’re in the market for a new set of servos definitely check these out.

It sucks that here is Washington state the weather is starting to turn already as the nights start to become colder and the days shorter. The end of the season is quickly approaching. This year I am on the search for an effective method to fly in the cold weather, by cold I mean 10-20 degrees F. For me the problem is usually keeping my hands warm during flying and then getting them re-warmed right after the flight. If anyone has any good idea or things that haveworked for them please shoot me an email. I need some new ideas.