Nov 28, 2012

Excited Once Again


It is amazing how one good day at the field can really get you fired up and excited about this hobby again.  For me the last couple weeks the flying has been a little scarce.  Mostly due to school and the end of the semester approaching, and partially due to crappy weather.  Well last saturday the rain finally stopped and I was able to go and spend an entire day at the field.  Which was exactly what I needed.  

Put Nick and I at the same field, mix in some nice weather and of course some helis and its a guaranteed good time.  I had the chance to put about 12 or 13 flight in on the 7HV and 4 flights in on the N5c.  Another thing to note is that this was my first time flying the iKon FBL system and my Futaba 8FG transmitter.  The first flight was a little nerve-racking since I really hate maidens but it went very smooth, and by the 12th flight I was really giving that heli a beating.  On the other hand the N5c flights were extremely boring since I had to break in my motor, for the 4th time now.  Friggen Nitros. 🙁  All in all it was a great day with lots of great flying and nothin but a good time.

Lets not forget that last week was Thanksgiving and we all know what that means.  Black friday sales!  I was lucky enough to snag some Futaba receivers to finish converting the rest of my fleet.  Hope all of you took advantage of the savings as well.

Now for the big news, which some of you may have figured out on your own.  Last Monday the Compass Warp 360 was officially shipped.  Sorry Dan but it appears as though I am going to win our bet after all, which is good because I can use the fuel.  Honestly though I am so excited to get this little heli.  I have had all of the electronics just sitting here tempting me everyday for the past month.  When I started in the hobby 2.5 years ago all I wanted to do was get a bigger heli.  I would literally only be satisfied for 30-40 flights with my new heli before I was already scheming on how I was going to afford that next size up.  But at this point in the hobby I currently own a 700 class and a 600 class so there isn’t really any room to go bigger.  So I decided I would go smaller.  It has been a long time since I have owned or flown a 450 sized heli.  I plan on make the warp my beater heli, and hopefully that can help me to progress even further.  

That pretty much sums up my week, of course minus all the boring parts like all the fricken homework I do.  Be sure to look for an update on my thoughts on the iKon and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter.