Jan 10, 2013

Link replacement made easy


This is an awesome trick that friend Leon Luke has shared with us. I don’t know about you guys but for me the worst part with replacing links is having to go back through and re-check your setup again.  Well this trick virtually eliminates that. Using the Century Heli control rod setup gauge you can duplicate new links exactly.  At first I thought it would only be beneficial when setting up push/pull linkages but after seeing the picture Leon took here you can see it can be used for tail rod links as well.  Simply remove the slide and clamp it down on the table with some soft-jawed clamps and your tail rod linkage on there.  Then pop your link off and proceed to replace the worn plastic links.  When you’re done re-check the length with your gauge here and that’s it.  No need to go back through your setup.  Thanks Leon for the great tip! – Nick