Dec 20, 2012

Mixing it up



The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy for me, it has been go go go nonstop.  I was expecting that once I got done with all of my finals at school and left for home, life would slow down a bit, but this has not been the case at all.  I have been busier than ever!  So much for vacation.

To start off I finally have enough flights on the iKon that I know what the unit is capable of and how it compares to others.  So I thought it would be a great idea to put the iKon on my N5c nitro to see how well it can handle a little vibration.  What this means is I would be putting a vbar back on the 7HV.  Although this sounds like a quick swap you throw in tons of distractions, a couple unforeseen problems, and 3 days later… I still have no helis to fly.  To top everything off, right when I was in the final stages of getting the iKon all setup on my N5c my throttle servo decided that it wanted to fail and burn up… Awesome.  Thanks to nick, since he had an extra throttle servo, there may still be hope that this heli will see the air this week.  Im really excited about this swap for another reason.  This is because I still had a beastx on the N5c so this will give me a great opportunity to compare the iKon to the beastx.

It just goes to show that stupid mistakes can happen to anyone, and that it is very important to check sensor directions…  even on a vbar.  I finally got my new set of mks ds95 servos to go in my warp.  I took lots of time on the installation and getting the wiring exactly how I wanted it.  Next came the vbar setup.  This went very quick and I thought everything was perfect.  I go to spool the heli up and before it even leaves the ground it nearly tips over causing the blades to scrape on the concrete I was taking off from.  Sure enough when I inspected the sensor directions for the vbar they were all backwards.  In the end it was only a set of blades so I got lucky, but having the directions reversed was a stupid mistake that easily could have been prevented.

I will be on my break for another 2.5 weeks and hope that at some point during that time the rain stops so I can get a chance to fly.  If not then at least I will have all of my helis ready to go when the rain finally does let up.