Feb 11, 2013

Insert Random Stuff Here

So, it’s been a bit since my last blog post, but things have been really busy lately…remember that one about burning the candle at both ends? Well, between family, work, helis, and the podcast there doesn’t seem to be much time left…and let’s face it. Sleep is over-rated beyond five hours a night.

I don’t really have a focused topic for this post. In fact, it’s more like some focused but random rambling. But before we get too deep, let’s take a minute to enjoy this picture of an english muffin. 😉


Random, right?! 😀 Told ya! Alright, back to business…

I want a nitro. It’s been almost three years since the last time I owned one and it’s driving me nuts. Why?! Well, I got the taste for fuelies again with the gasser and I looooooove it. Now, the gasser isn’t the same, I know. Technically, I think I’ll find it to be better than the nitro ultimately, but that’s ok. I want a nitro just because I do…the only rational part of this desire is the need to have three 90-sized helis in my fleet at any given time. This maximizes flight time even if something goes wrong. It just makes sense to me. 🙂 So, I’m currently in the market for a Whiplash Nitro and hopefully I can snag one up sooner rather than later because the season is fast approaching…

Next. Drama… WTF?! Seriously, guys? Like I always say…I’ve been to high school once and I hated it the first time. This shit is just aggravating. Why do people feel the need to engage in this sort of stuff? I’ve been in a lot of hobbies and sports and I can say without question that this hobby has the most childish drama B.S. that I’ve ever experienced. If it’s not manufacturers taking shots at each other, it’s big names, or regular joes. The forums scene can’t have helped the whole situation. I mean think about it… Give the drama queens an outlet for their favorite pastime and an avatar to shield them from reality and they’re liable to say or do anything. Some people don’t let it bother them, some people play into it, I just get aggravated…

Finally, the fun fly. Oh man, the fun fly. I really can’t wait for this one… It’s going to be a LOT of work to get set up correctly, but we’ve got a great team and I know we’re going to exceed our own expectations. As I write this, there are a total of 46 action items on our list and it seems to grow a bit every day. Nevertheless, the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel and it’s in the shape of awesome, so stay tuned…It’s gonna be good. 😉

– Justin