Nov 2, 2014

A Fool-Proof Bullet System for Series Packs

Ever tried to run your 12S stick packs with bullets instead of using an EC5 Y-harness and accidentally plugged in the wrong two connectors? If so, then what followed was probably a violent explosion during which time you simultaneously burned your fingers, vaporized your bullet connectors, and soiled your pants. If you made the mistake… more »

Apr 5, 2014

DIY Stick Packs

  Squeezing a set of packs down the narrow frames of some of the helis today can be quite difficult.  Connectors can get snagged.  Balance leads can get pulled apart.  This is where stick packs can make what used to be a huge hassle become a complete breeze.  They can completely change the way you… more »

Dec 9, 2013

iCharger 308/4010 Duo charging settings

Upon receiving and using my iCharger 4010 Duo for the first time I noticed that at higher amperage settings I wasn’t getting anywhere near a full 4.2v per cell on my batteries.  I dug into the settings a bit more and have come up with what I personally believe to be a great balance of… more »

Oct 13, 2013

How To: Setting Up the HP DPS-1200FB Power Supply

Alright, guys! I’ve gotten TONS of requests for a tech tip that describes how to deal with the mini-marvel that is the Hewlett Packard DPS-1200FB power supply, so here we go. For those of you who are curious about the specs, check this out: 1.5″ x 7.75″ x 3 1/2″ and weighing in at around two… more »