Nov 28, 2012

Nitro and Gasser Engine and Clutch Alignment Trick

This is a quick little tech tip for those of you who have ever had trouble getting your nitro or gasser model engine properly aligned with the clutch stack. First off, what are the symptoms of a misaligned engine and clutch stack? Well, on the bench you can feel a roughness or unevenness when rotating the starter… more »

Nov 17, 2012

Leading versus Trailing Edge Control: A Brief Foray into Rotor Head Mechanics

I get a lot of questions surrounding the the differences between leading and trailing edge control on flybarless systems…What’s the difference? Should I care? This one trips up a lot of people because of the complexity of the topic, but I think it’s worth explaining. First and foremost, in today’s FBL systems where the delta angle… more »

Nov 11, 2012

Checking clutch bell runout

With most of the newer nitro models adjusting the clutch bell runout simply isn’t possible. Components are becoming more “plug and play” and, in turn, our habits of checking this these can get quite lax. The issue with this is that they can still have runout problems due to machining flaws. Excessive wear of clutch… more »

Nov 4, 2012

Bent tail hub? How to check…

Here’s a little trick I found that is a pretty simple way to check for a bent tail hub. First, remove the set screw from the tail hub itself. Unclip your rear ball link from the tail rod and slide the entire tail hub and slider assembly off the tail output shaft. Rotate the tail… more »