May 4, 2015

Mini VBar Power Bus

So we’ve all heard the rumors and speculations. Some people report problems, and others report it working fine but at the end of the day the question still stands, “Is a Mini VBar safe on a big heli?”. With a couple small workarounds I believe it can be done safely, but if not done then… more »

Jan 26, 2014

Nail a zero pitch setup every time!

Blade tracking can be a thing of the past with this neat little trick.  It just so happens that a Scorpion 5mm phillips driver is a perfect fit in the blade grip hole on 700 class helis.  This works out great for checking zero pitch at mid-stick.  They key here is to align the bit… more »

Poor man’s Swash Leveler

So you’re out at the field and forgot your swash leveler at home. You’re hosed right? Wrong! Most of us keep a couple zip ties in our field box and here’s a neat little trick that will put them to good use.  Wrap one around the main shaft and pull it tight.  Take another one… more »

Oct 27, 2012

Futaba gear-set for BLS256HV and BLS251

If you’ve ever stripped the gears on a BLS251 and look for the advertised replacement gearset you’ll notice that the advertised BLS251 gear-set come with the one metal output gear and are certainly not cheap. Because of so many plastic gears it’s highly unlikely that the metal output gear will get damaged. What you might… more »