Mar 21, 2013

When Life Takes Over





As most of you know I am still in college pursuing my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  What this means for me is that my time is at a premium.  When it comes to sharing time between school, academic clubs, helicopters and the podcast it can get quite busy.  Last week was much needed since it was spring break and I did get some flying in.  It always really nice to head home (to Bellingham) and fly with other people.  When I am at school I fly by myself 100% of the time, and trust me that gets really old.  Besides that it never fails that when you get Nick, myself, and a bunch of helis all in the same place something fun is going to happen.

Over spring break I had the opportunity to go to the field three days in a row.  The best part about this is that everyday I went to the field and came home with 3 flyable helis, lets just say with my recent luck this has not happened in a long time.  So it was nice for once to fly 3 days in a row and not have to buy parts to fix all the stuff I broke.   It feels great to finally be over all the crashing, crash after crash can really wear on a person.  My goal from here is to not have another crash until I make it to a funfly this summer…knock on wood.  Although I have a feeling this is going to be quite a challenge, considering recently my flying has gotten considerably closer to the ground.

Currently I am very excited about what this summer holds.  I am hoping that at the RCHN funfly I will get the opportunity to fly and hang out with a number of our listeners.  Just trust me when I say you are definitely not going to want to miss this funfly.  It should be a ton of fun.

Now that I am back at school time has once again become very valuable.  I still try to make it on the sim every night at 11PM Pacific Standard time.  If you can make it there is usually a group of us that fly and chat.  Oh and did  I mention that I now have Realflight 6.5, so if you are looking for me on Phoenix…well…you’re going to be looking for awhile.