Nov 9, 2012

Are we there yet?

I’m exhausted, excited, euphoric, and downright drained but I can’t tell you guys how happy I am that the new website is almost finished. This has been a HUGE project. Far bigger than I think any of us ever imagined. I can’t even remember the last night I went to bed before 1am. Thinking back to that first week we started on it I can remember sitting back and saying to myself, “Wow, I think you have officially bit off more than you can chew Nick. This is going to be a disaster!”, but we pushed through and got it done.  

There’s no question that Dan has been the driving force on this one. He’s pulled more all nighters in the last month than I have my whole life. I just don’t think you can comprehend is undying dedication to this podcast. I’ve never meet another person in this hobby that wants more for his listeners and yet so little in return. It really is a case of simply pride in his production. I’m deeply impressed and feel honored to be apart of such an incredible production. I’m not going to lie, working with him can be challenging. I’m a black and white kind of guy and Dan thrives in the grey area but I think that’s what gives us the synergy that we have. When I get all wound up and too anal he brings me back to reality. He’s the one who reminds me that this is still a hobby and supposed to be fun. Surrounding yourself with people that fill your weakness’ is important and that’s what also builds a good team.

Justin… oh my buddy Justin. Still hands down the smartest person I’ve met to date. Definitely one of the more awesome people I’ve met in life too. He brings such a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approach to life. One minute he’s talking so far above my head I’ve gotta grab an extension ladder to follow him and the next minute I’m in tears laughing at the crass childish humor (which by the way I relate too quite well). When Dan was completely stumped on something this was the guy that dove into the deepest code head first without even flinching. His persistence is second to none and you know when you give him a task that it will get done. Do we always get along? Hell no! However, there’s no question when we put our heads together I don’t think there’s anything we cant build, diagnose, or accomplish. His professionalism and level of expectations is a huge asset to the team and I’m thankful he can be a part of it.  

Hey Jessie, you crashed that Compass yet? Haha! I love this kid. I never had a little brother growing and whether he likes it or not that’s how I see him. To me, Jessie is the one who reminds me to have fun and loosen up. I swear he never quits smiling. We can just sit back, laugh, and build helis for hours. I seriously don’t think he EVER gets tired of talking helis or wrenching on stuff. He’s also the one who constantly reminds how much more I need to sim. I swear to god every time I turn around he’s pulling some new bad ass move out. To be there for his first hover and watching him pull of piro tic tocs now is an awesome journey to have gone through. His top shelf flying is a huge asset to this team and gives us the ability to relate to ALL pilots out there.  

What else can I say? It’s been a fantastic journey so far and I don’t ever want it to quit. We all love doing what we’re doing and hope everyone enjoys the new website and podcast!