Aug 6, 2013

Killin’ the summer!


Wow, this summer has been nuts!  Feeling pretty guilty for slacking on the blog post.  It’s something I really enjoy doing.  Almost therapeutic in a way really.  Where to start?  Seems like there’s so much going on it’s overwhelming.

To start is really nice to have the EX project wrapping up.  What a great experience for Justin and I.  We’re super happy with the designs we came up with and I’m blown away at the difference in how the model flies.  I never would have imagined that the changes we implemented would make that significant of an improvement on flight characteristics but they sure did.  At this point it’s up to MA to make it happen.  It’s got the potential to be great!

Still blown away at the turnout and feedback we got from our fun fly.  So blessed to have such awesome listeners and support with all the people that put faith in us to make things happen.  Without all the support we would not have been able to make it happen. We’re really looking forward to next year and hopes are to double the pilot count and make it bigger and better!

On a regular flying note things are looking up and I’ve had a lot of fun just flying.  While I’m not exactly proud of it the 700e DFC has turned out to be a very reliable model and is a great workhorse for reviews and flight testing.  We’re still banging away lots of flights on the EX to make sure stuff is checked for long-term wear and problems. I really enjoy flying it and personally think it’s the best flying model I’ve owned as far as tracking and flight characteristics are concerned.

I’ve pretty much finalized the decision to get a Warp combo kit.  I’ve wanted one since day one and after seeing how great of a heli it’s been for Jessie I think I’m really close to pulling the trigger on one.  I’m also going to build some sort of 550 heli but I’m just not sure which one yet.  I’ve got the power system and servos laying around but haven’t made a decision as to what I’m going to put it in yet.

My friend James let me take his 14SG for a spin for a couple weeks and man am I loving it.  Definitely fills the gap on what the 8FG was lacking.  Pretty much decided that when the 2 weeks is up I’ll just be buying him a new one and keeping this one. It wasn’t exactly a planned purchase but when something just feels right you might as well go for it. Right?

Jessie and I have started toying with the idea of starting a 3D flight school.  Honestly, we never thought of it until a club approached us on the idea and offered the proposal up.  After some thought it really did seem like something not only we could do but something we’d be really good at.  Both of us love to teach and I think it would be something really fun to pursue.  The time involved could be a little tricky with the gazillion other commitments I have but that’s never stopped me before 🙂

That’s all for now but I promise I’ll be keeping up on this better.  Almost too much to go over right now so I’ll just start fresh and go from here 🙂