Sep 16, 2013

It’s Blade time!


DSC00030 copy

Well after a huge fiasco with FedEx the Blade 700x is up and flying!  Can’t wait to give you guys the review on this one.  Is it good?  Bad?  You’re just going to have to wait and see 🙂 I’ve actually finished the first and second portions of the review and am in the final stage as we speak.  We’ve got a pile of reviews to talk about but we’ll get to it soon.

Man, this has been a ridiculously busy last week!  I started a new job and new position this week and it’s kicking my ass, lol. I’m hoping that things will settle in soon because I could use a break.

I did get out and get some flights in on Sunday.  26 to be exact.  Felt great to just head out with the 700x and the DFC and just bang out a ton of flights.  I’ll be damn if I’m not seeing some progression too! Finally getting the LR piro flips down consistently under the 20ft mark and the RR piro flips are starting to come together.  Hopefully with some continued practice by next season I’ll have the reversals down on the deck.  Real Flight has breathed a breathe of fresh air into my sim training.  I’m really liking the way my modded Gronimod Goblin is flying.  Hopefully as I get more familiar with RF I’ll get the last of the little picky things dialed in.  Overall though I couldn’t be happier with the decision to switch over.

Man, what an emotional couple of weeks there with Roman’s death and with James getting hurt.  I got a shit-ton of hate mail about my comments towards James.  I’m not going to drag it out anymore though.  I still stand behind what I said and people can judge me how they’d like to.  Unlike some people, I can be both critical and sympathetic at the same time.  Someone’s level of injury does not dictate how right or wrong they were.  Sorry but that’s the truth.  I do wish him a speedy recovery though.  Prayers from my family for him.

The rain has set in unfortunately.  Looks like from here on out it’ll be getting flights in whenever the clouds part.  The joys of living in the NW!!