Nov 16, 2012

Banned… AGAIN!!!

I am not going to go off to long here…  I did that on Episode 60, i said my peace.  I just decided id post something about it here because I continue to be in a state of confusion.

I know.. I know, just get over it, and for the most part i have.  First of all I want to make sure you all understand that I DO NOT want you to respond to anyone at HF about this. This would serve no purpose and I can tell you things will always end up one sided over there, and that’s OK… it is after all, their house and they can do as they please.

I have been down this road before, the big difference is last time… I played a roll in the drama by responding to the powers that be, and I ended up just being dragged through the mud even further.

I am taking a different approach, I am just not gonna worry about it.  I am sad that those of you who i kept in touch with on a regular basis on HF wont be able to do that anymore.  We will have to figure something else out.

HF is a fantastic resource and I encourage you all to continue using that resource, in the same way you always have.

I just wish people would put the HOBBY first and egos second.  its just that simple.