May 11, 2013

R.I.P. Fatty


Sad to say the youngest of my 4 cats was killed by two dogs yesterday.  I came home the front door was pushed open.  and two dogs, were staring at me.  They seemed friendly so i didnt think much of it.   Walked them out the door and went about my day.   I have (had) 4 cats all them are rescue cats, two of them stay in the house most all the time,  the first you have heard me mention Crooked head.. she is the calico in the picture above, then the lighter colored one…(the one that passed) She has gone by many names.  Kitten, Baby Kitten, Butterball, when she started to take on some weight and over the past few months I have been calling her Fatty..

From all accounts she ran into the house through her cat door into what she perceived  was relative safety.  The two large dogs pushed open the lightly closed front door in pursuit and chased her into a guest room where they cornered her and eventually killed her.

I am shocked at how hard i am taking this.. its a GD cat after all.. but this one came to me as a very sick little cat.. and she required a lot of attention and regular feeding and medicine.  she was only a few weeks old and was not expected to live.  She did and I had her for 4 years.. she will be missed