Sep 11, 2013

What a strange week!

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What a strange weeks its been,  accidents seems to be happening more and more.  Sad time in the hobby for sure,  like all troublesome things that we go through, its just a fact that life goes on.  We really do not have much choice in that.   I have noticed a few things lately, specifically some very criticizing comments about the crew here at RCHN.  First of all that’s great,  we have always encouraged those of you that choose to listen to our show, to think about what we say and let us know.   We love to hear when you guys think we are wrong, or maybe we should reconsider a stance we have taken, doesn’t mean we will but, the fact that your actively involved in our show is the corner stone of what we do here.

Now for the confusing part…  I have often wondered why some people I am talking to will express to me that they love the fact that we don’t sugar coat anything.  Then run off to a forum to express disappointment that we did that very thing!?!  We call it as we see it.  This is a FACT!  doesn’t mean we are always right, but it does make it is real.  I’ll step out on a limb here, and talk for the rest of the guys on the show.  If one of us says something on the show,  I can, with 100% confidence guarantee we will say the same thing in person, face to face with you.  Again, doesn’t mean we are always right,  but its our REAL opinion.   Its not PC’d up, to be soft served for the masses, that being the case you may not always like what you hear.

There is no other way to do it.  We put out over 2 hours of audio a week.  do you really want to hear us say what we think you want us say?  I know I would not like that as a listener.  I still listen to most all the RC Aircraft related podcast out there,  I have a deep respect for all of them.  Have I heard them say something that I thought was wrong? absolutely!

Most of you that listen to RCHN, know me better than the people I am around personally on a daily basis.   What you hear is what you get,  ask the guys, I can be extremely generous, forgiving, insecure, pissy, impatient, obnoxious, fearful, but most of all I am loyal, sometimes to a fault.  I can never express enough how thankful I am for everyone of you that listens or has listened to our show.  We love doing it.  All I ask is that, when you ask us to tell it like we see it,  please… mean it!