Mar 25, 2013

Kicked when your down…


Well it’s been a while since I’ve had time to write but after today I just had to take a step back from the actual helis and take a deep breath.  For some reason being able to write down frustration helps so I figured what better time than now to do a blog post.

It’s been a rough last little bit to say the least.  I had some pretty large issues with my pickup that managed to suck $2500 and three days out of my life.  I’ve been pushing extremely hard lately with some really exciting projects and that couldn’t have come at a worse time.  The money is one thing but the time is a whole different thing and believe me, there’s NOTHING worse than working on cars for a living and having to put 16hrs of labor into your own crap.  Yuk!

On a brighter note the weather has been starting to get a bit better.  Almost feels like spring is coming.  I sure hope so!

I managed to drive the 700n in on Saturday.  My own dumb thumbs and fault honestly.  I haven’t been putting the time in on the sim at practicing and after some other issues kept my electric heli out for the day I decided to “practice” on some piro funnels unannounced.  Bad idea, lol.  Long story short she took a pretty healthy dirt nap and that ended my day sooner than I would have hoped.  It always seems to happen when the weather is great and you’ve got the whole day where you can fly too.

Today I had the final kick in the junk…. The Western Robotics BEC on my Whiplash decided to let the magic smoke out and take my entire set of Futaba servos with it.  Argh!!!!!  Seriously?  Can’t deny that this one hurt the moral quite a bit.  I’m sitting here looking at it on the bench with the busted 700 next to it and really wondering where the ambition is going to come from to get them back in the air.  But hey, who knows, I might just say screw the Align and finally get the Whiplash nitro to replace it that I’ve always wanted!  I mean why not right? lol.

So yeah, I’ve got a bit of a road ahead of me that I’m not looking forward to but I’ll bounce back.  I always do.  Good thing is I’ll be heading to Las Vegas next week for vacation so I think that has come at a perfect time!