Jan 8, 2013

Cleaned up and ready to build


It’s been pretty decent last couple weeks minus the weather.  I was really hoping to get out last weekend and had the entire fleet ready to go but alas it rained us out yet again.

I guess one positive thing is that I did manage to get my hobby room cleaned, organized, and moved around. I also added a nice little sound room in the back. Sure does make recording a lot nicer to not have to worry as much about what’s going on in the rest of the house. The new layout in the hobby room is really nice too. Just seems a lot more efficient and with a little more elbow room. Probably the biggest part of that being I threw out damn near a utility trailer full of junk. Somehow my hobby room has kinda turned into a local hub for repairs and builds so over the last couple of years and I’ve accumulated a ton of junk. Some of it might have eventually gotten used but it was just too much. When you start hanging stuff from the ceiling to make more room that’s when you know it’s time to clean 🙂

I’m glad I got it all cleaned up because as most of you know I do have a Goblin on the way. I’m sure it was a little shocking for a lot of people to hear that but a deal came up that I just couldn’t pass on. There’s no question they’re an amazing model and I guess I kinda felt like I’ve given Goblin so much crap on the show that I owe it to them to own one just to offset that.  I’ve got a fair amount of the stuff for it already so it shouldn’t take but maybe 3 or 4 weeks to get it airworthy once it gets here.

Another really cool thing is it looks like I’ve got an NX4 on the way to play with.  I’ll be finishing up the setup and installing a Helicommand on it for a friend of mine.  Installing an unfamiliar FBL system on a brand new model with a radio that you’re still not quite comfortable with can be a daunting task.  I don’t blame him at all for being hesitant.  He’s a great friend of mine (I actually did the same with his Goblin) and really look forward to getting it all setup for him.  Hey, also no point in hiding the fact that I absolutely love the concept of the NX4 as well and am really excited to take it for a spin around the block too. Should be a fun next month.

I can’t wait for Episode #3 of Diggin’ In to be live.  I think the edit is like 95% done and it should be submitted to iTunes today or tomorrow.  I’ve been really happy with how the last episodes turned out but I’m even more excited about this one. It was difficult getting the flow going when you bring in someone else to the equation and you’re used to doing something yourself but once we got on a role it was very evident why adding Justin was probably the single best thing I could have done. I really look forward to getting the ball rolling on future episodes as well.